Activities are Winding Down as Winter Weather Descends — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard


There has been a shower of leaves at our house lately, but they are still lovely – even though many of them are on the ground now.  I imagine tomorrow (Monday) will be spent gathering some colorful ones with my grandsons!  The changing seasons bring ponderings:

Autumn and Life
Crimson leaves, plus orange and gold

Are drifting into my planter of once lush impatiens.

Two different seasons, yet they blend together

During this time of in-betweeness.

One seeps into the other – how much like life….

Ludlow was congested on Saturday with the chicken BBQ in front of the Legion and the chili cook-off on Depot Street.  Still, there were a number of people who worked their way through to attend the Memorial Service for William Bostock that was held at the Baptist Church.  Condolences to Ruth and also to the family of Rose Parsells.

It is strange, but I don’t seem to have many on my birthday list for October.  Congratulations to Bill Jarvi who turns 92 on 10/11.  He was at the Café at Delight this past Friday, where he holds court once per month prior to his chiropractor appointment.   It is generally the 1st Friday of the month and folks are invited to visit with him there.  When I asked how he was, he said “top shelf”!  I believe that Sammi Lynds will turn 7 on 10/17, so best wishes to her, too.

By the time the Standard comes out, Bea Wheeler will be back home in Plymouth.  John will remain in the Gill Home for another week or so, before he comes home.

Things are winding down a bit around here.  The Historic Site will be closing 10/16, although some buses may still be visiting there.  I am not sure of the exact date of the start of road work on the Notch Hill, but I understand it will be soon.  Between road construction and those enjoying the foliage who are not paying attention to their driving, the rest of us will need to be very alert and careful!

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