Tyson Ladies Aid Christmas Celebration; Coolidge Homestead Holiday Program — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard

Ladies Aid Christmas Party, 2016

Ladies Aid Christmas Party, 2016


Well, I have to tell you – I am very disappointed about having to miss the VT Standard correspondent’s luncheon on Thursday.  There were actually 3 different events calling to me for that day, but I have committed to doing the 1:00 PM service at Gill Terrace Apts.  Hope everyone has fun at the luncheon!

Ladies Aid Christmas Meeting, 2016

Ladies Aid Christmas Meeting, 2016

Tis the season for parties and Tyson Ladies Aid had their Christmas Party (meeting and luncheon) at the Echo Lake Inn.  There were 2 wonderful soups, sandwich-makings, and yummy dessert!  We collected tissues for the Gill Home and gifts for the teens at Windsor Youth Services.

By the way, the Echo Lake Inn (228-8602) will be open Friday and Saturday (12/9 and 10) for dinner and starting the week of 12/19, 7 days per week.  The Inn at Water’s Edge (228-8143) is serving again, with Italian specialties on Thursdays and other specials on Fridays.

We had a nice discussion at the Book Club about James Rebanks The Shepherd’s Life.  We all learned quite a lot about shepherding!  Our next book is The Out Side Boy by Jeanine Cummins, which will be discussed on 1/19.  We get off-track at times, but we all enjoy each other’s company, so who cares!

Have you seen the star on Tyson Church?   Everyone wants to know how Steve Heilner and Cindy Summer managed to get it up there.  I am just glad they did it without mishap and that it is spreading Light into the community.  If you don’t have a chance to head our way before, be sure to join us for our Annual Christmas Candlelight Service at 7:00 PM on Sunday, 12/18.  We will sing Christmas carols, have special music by Erik Johansson and a children’s story, plus a time to socialize afterward in the downstairs Community Room.

I think there has been quite a bit of publicity about the Coolidge Holiday program on Sat, 12/10, so I just want to remind folks to plan to attend because there will be something for everyone.

How exciting, voice lessons with Dan Laubach available at the Community Center!  I think I am hopeless, but it sounds like he might like a challenge.  Contact him at 802-332-3324 or dan.laubach711@gmail.com.

So many good things are definitely happening at the old school.  Consider “Date Night” Childcare with Lauren.  She is planning the first one for 12/17, but space is limited so contact her at lskaskiw@gmail.com or 802 855 7566.

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