Late Fall in Plymouth — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard.


The snow is just starting as I am beginning to type on Sunday night – right at the predicted time of 9:00 PM!

It didn’t seem that cold today when I went for my walk, especially with the nice sunshine.  Yesterday was a bit nippy, so I drove up to Joan Day’s to see her latest “hatch” of bunnies.  At this time she has 3 big ones and 5 new babies – so cute!  There are others around the neighborhood, too, but I heard there is a fox in the area, too….

I am disappointed that I was not able to get to the latest Yoh Theater performance, but I understand is was wonderful.  I know that several Plymouth students participated – acting or being stage help, but I hesitate to list names for fear of leaving anyone out.  We have lots of talent here and of course, Marcia’s leadership is outstanding.

I understand there was a good turnout for the Holiday doings at Coolidge this Saturday, with many folks stopping at Wilder House to warm up with soup, chili, and other goodies being sold by Tyson Ladies Aid.  I didn’t make it over there to help, but I heard many of the husbands were there to lend a hand!  By the way, if you see Carol Coyne on 12/17, wish her a Happy Birthday.

This Sunday for Advent the topic was joy and the holidays can certainly be a joyous time even amid the hectic pace of the season.  Of course, there is some sadness as well.  Our condolences go out to the Moyer family on the passing of Danny, who formerly lived in town.  I always remember his warm smile, although I had not visited him at Stoughton House for some time.

Following church today we formed a Prayer Circle and lifted a number of people who are experiencing health difficulties.  I have received permission to mention a couple of them who have connections to Plymouth, so you might ask for comfort and healing for Dale Wade and Doris Earle, both of whom are in Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center

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