Plymouth Christmas Season Activities; New Events at Schoolhouse Community Center — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard

Consider a seasonal gift to the Plymouth Memory Tree to help fellow townies.

Consider a seasonal gift to the Plymouth Memory Tree to help fellow townies.


What a roller-coaster ride with the weather lately – hope everyone has managed to stay dry, warm and upright!  The snow, rain, then freezing temps have left us with a dangerous undercoating of ice.  I received several calls from people who had planned to attend our Annual Community Candlelight Service, but who were uneasy about the road conditions.

We still had enough brave souls that allowed us to fan out around the sanctuary in a circle to sing Silent Night with our lit candles.  It was wonderful to have Erik Johansson to add special music with his harp.  Thanks to the teens and staff from Windsor Youth Services, who helped with many tasks that evening.  Our offering this year is going to a local family in need.  Tyson Church will be having Worship at 10:30 AM on Christmas morning.

Speaking of snow, local metal sculptor Paul Machalaba is apparently willing to do some shoveling in the Plymouth/Ludlow area.  He is a metal sculptor/welder living in Plymouth, with a studio in Woodstock, specializing in large abstract aluminum works, plus he also does custom welding and design year round.  You can reach him at

How nice that Energy Healing Classes by Maggie Dembinski will be offered at Community Center some time in January!  You can learn about these various techniques that will promote healing and assist your body to become relaxed, plus more energized.  The fee will be $15 per class, but contact Maggie with for additional information at:

Thanks to the Sullivan’s for donating a lovely small upright piano for use at the Plymouth Community Center.  Also, appreciated was the help of Matt Harootunian & Greg Skaskiw, who moved the piano!  Now the plea is going out for someone who might want to give piano lessons there, then for students who are interested in learning to play.  Contact Lauren Summer Skaskiw at 802 855 7566 or if you are interested.

I just attended a fabulous workshop at Kripalu – Windows to the Soul led by Mark Grossman, an optometrist and acupuncture practitioner.  Thus a slightly different Christmas poem this year.  Many blessings!

The journey of life is one we all must take –
Times can be tough with many choices to make.
Yet as Christmas approaches, we can turn our gaze
To the reason we celebrate and the manger displays.
We may become stuck and our vision impaired
Unless we are mindful and have openly declared
That Jesus, the Christ is born anew every year
And then welcome Him with both joy and good cheer.
So now may the Holiday bring you delight
And the Holy One fill you with peace and new sight.

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