It’s Been a Quiet Week in Plymouth Lakes — Margo (Garrison Keillor) Marrone’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard

This is Garrion Keillor (to help any who don't know the reference...)

This is Garrison Keillor
(to help any who don’t know the title reference…)


I don’t know if I have been too busy to hear any news or if things have been pretty quiet around here lately.  A couple of weeks ago there was a bit of excitement as a mink was devouring bunnies on Dublin Road, but thanks to Joan Day, one little guy has been kept safe and well fed.

I noticed that there was an article about the new musical instrument station at the Montshire Museum.  When we took our grandsons there a couple of weeks ago, they couldn‘t wait to try out all of the various instruments.   The drum and cymbals was a biggest hit!

I wish I had a better understanding of Act 46 Planning Survey, but I am afraid that I don’t.  I missed the informational meeting that happened several weeks ago, so I am not sure about the ramifications of these choices or even what schools are included.  Maybe I can get some clarification for next week!

Make sure to offer Happy Birthday greetings to Eric Johnson (2/2), Scott Hepler (2/17), Laurie Marechaux (2/21), and Naomi Moyer (2/25).

A friend and I attended a very interesting workshop and tea at Northern Naturals and Gardens in Belmont this past Saturday.  Gretchen Gregory has opened a darling little store (only open a few hours on the weekends) with a focus on herbs – teas, dips, skin products.  She is a wealth of information and loves to share what she has learned about the health benefits of herbs and how to incorporate them into our lives.  You can reach her at


Editor — More on Garrison Keillor, for your mid-winter entertainment. This from February, 2014:

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