After Easter, Plymouth’s Revote Takes Place — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard


Strange weather persists, although March is one of those months when you never know what to expect!  As I look out my window, the snow of yesterday has made the landscape beautifully white again.  For a change, the wind is not blowing and even though it is 6:00 PM, I can see clearly up into the woods.  A few squirrels are playing tag.  The steady flow of chickadees to the feeder has slowed for the evening.  Everything seems calm and pristine for the moment.  Truly a Sabbath moment.

The icy conditions of Friday night and Saturday caused some cars to slip off the road in town, but I don’t believe anyone was injured.  The FedEx fellow didn’t make it up the driveway and hung our package on the mailbox.  Last weekend many folks visited to take advantage of the new snow, but things seemed less congested this weekend.

It was so wonderful to have Erik Johansson at our Morning Worship this past Sunday.  How lovely to sing hymns with the harp.  He even put one of my poems to music!  Palm Sunday is coming up on 4/9 and our Maundy Thursday meal and service will take place on 4/13 at 6:00 and 7:00 PM respectively.  We will have our flower strewn Cross to signify Resurrection on Easter Sunday, 4/16.  All are welcome.

Businesses are slowing down and will take a break.  I understand that the Inn at Water’s Edge will be done with their Italian night specials this Thursday and the Echo Lake Inn will be closing their kitchen after dinner this Friday and Saturday.  I want to thank Tom at the Echo Lake Inn for opening for us this past Wednesday so twenty of us could gather following the memorial service for Tom’s mom.  It was a delicious meal.  Six year old, Owen, recovering from being sick, ate his dinner, then retired to the living room to snooze on the couch in front of the crackling logs in the fireplace.

Please note that Susan Mordecai will be holding her gentle yoga/mindfulness [at the Community Center] on Saturday, 4/1 and then not again until 4/29.  It is a lovely way to start the day at 8:00 AM.

Just a reminder that we will be voting by Australian ballot here in town on Tuesday, 4/18!

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