Don’t Miss the Senior Solutions Presentation on Senior Services — Margo’s Plymouth Report


Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard

Some Plymouth boys enjoy new maple syrup on snow! (2017)


Well, I guess the April Fool’s joke was on us with that snow storm! I believe we received 15 inches this time and it certainly wasn’t as light and fluffy as the last one.  I understand from Dana Dolloff, who skied before church on Sunday, that it was delightful!

Of course, the weather necessitated some cancellations.  Actually, it turned out to be only a delay for John Wheeler’s birthday party at Gill Home.  His birthday is 4/1, but the celebration was postponed until Sunday.  Hopefully I will have pictures for next week.

This unpredictable weather has been a challenge for sugaring.  We were able to boil on Sunday and then have “sugar-on-snow”.  Believe it or not, Tom and I had never made it, but grandson, Owen showed us how.  The picture is the proof – Eric Johnson, Tom, Owen and Chris Perrino enjoying this sweet treat!

Please note that on Saturday April 22nd, 2017 there will be a free presentation by Senior Solutions at The Plymouth Community Center at 11 AM.  Senior Solutions is one of five Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) in Vermont and can provide a wealth of information about programs and services.  Come and learn what is available!


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