Tyson Church Celebrates Easter — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard

Singing in Easter Sunrise at Tyson Congregational Church, 2017


Can you believe the weather over the past several days!  A cousin in Mobile AL checks the weather often and noted that her sister in Charleston SC, those of us near Ludlow, and Mobile all had 77 degrees at one point on Easter!  Even more amazing, we surpassed them because we went up to 79 degrees the next hour.  I know that by the time the paper comes out, our temperatures are forecast to go down a bit, but hasn’t it been fun to go without jackets!

Many of us had to pull out summer clothes for church on Sunday.  When I arrived there were a number of youngsters running around the outside of the building burning off some energy and just feeling happy and free from the confines of winter.  About the moles, though, what a mess they have made.  I don’t believe I have seen so many mounds as this year.

Children’s Story, Tyson Congregational Church, Easter 2017

Well, I am not sure how many children we had in church, but there were many – all sizes, shapes, and ages.  Thanks to Cheryl Bishop for reading a story and doing a craft.  The flower-decorated Cross was lovely thanks to Cindy Summer and it was wonderful to see people go up and takes bunches home to remind them about God’s love and the new life the Cross symbolizes.

I apologize for neglecting to note the Ladies Aid Bake on Good Friday (even after I baked for it!), but I understand that they did very well.  I don’t seem to have much news this week.  Perhaps it has something to do with the huge feast 16 of us had for our Easter brunch.  Ate too much and even with a walk afterward, I am still full and groggy.

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