Plymouth Town-Wide Antiques & Treasures Sale

Memorial Day Weekend (May 27 – 28) · Saturday & Sunday

  9AM – 6PM

Inside at The Plymouth Community Center (the old Elementary School) · 35 School Dr, Plymouth

(Just North of the Municipal Building on Route 100 in Plymouth Union)

The residents of Plymouth VT are hosting a 2-Day Sale featuring a wide range of antiques, contemporary treasures, knick-knacks, sporting equipment, and  good-quality clothing.

Our last town-wide sale included —

  • antique tables and furnishings
  • good-quality furniture (chairs, coffee tables, side boards, bar stools, bedside tables)
  • antique woodworking tools
  • contemporary and antique dish sets and tableware
  • contemporary home furnishings and knick-knacks (wall hangings, tabletop decorations, baskets)
  • cooking and food prep equipment (casserole dishes, decorative muffin tins, peelers & scrapers)
  • weights and exercise equipment
  • medical equipment (crutches, bathtub chairs, toilet seat risers, walkers, canes)
  • bicycles
  • skis and poles
  • snowboards and ice skates
  • snowsuits, ski ware, goggles, helmets
  • prom dresses
  • cocktail and evening dresses
  • casual clothing, jeans
  • dress and casual shoes
  • sweaters and jackets
  • motorcycle leathers, gloves, helmets
  • telescopes and microscopes, binoculars

Come explore our new offerings as Plymouth residents & second home owners clear out our storage lofts, attics, basements and garages!

How to Participate as a Vendor at the 4th Annual Plymouth Town “Antiques and Treasures” Tag Sale

All Plymouth residents are invited to participate as vendors in our 2-Day Memorial Day Weekend antiques and treasures tag sale to be held at the Plymouth Schoolhouse Activity Center on May 27 and 28, 2017.

To put items up for sale, here’s what you need to do:

Securely attach a tag to every item. Each tag must have both (a) your initials, and (b) the price. (We cannot negotiate a price on your behalf, however you can change prices on your unsold items at anytime during the sale.) Please use 3 initials on your tags, to avoid possible duplication!
Note: We strongly suggest that you use actual tags – ideally, the kind with little strings – and attach them securely with safety pins or by tying the string to your item. We have learned that adhesive labels, tape, and safety pin-secured tags tend to fall off. If your tag falls off, or we cannot read what it says, we will not be able to sell the item.

Deliver your antiques and treasures to the Plymouth Schoolhouse Activity Center on the following days and times:

Saturday, May 20, 10 am – 1pm

Sunday, May 21, 1 – 4 pm

Wednesday May 24th  5-7pm

We will have racks for hanging items, and tables for display. You can also provide your own display, if you wish. And, in general, if you have a table to loan us, it will be a big help.

You are responsible for displaying your items. Table, rack, and floor space is available on a first-come, first-served basis. However, your items do not have to be segregated from other people’s items because the tags identify what belongs to you no matter where they are displayed.

While delivering your items, sign up for a 3-hr shift to help staff the event.

The Sale will be open from 9 am – 6 pm both days (Saturday and Sunday) May 28 and 29. We need at least 2 volunteers each day for each of the following 3-hour shifts:

9 am – Noon

Noon – 3 pm

3 pm – 6 pm

Please plan to pick up what does not sell on the following dates and times. (If you cannot make one of these times, please don’t wait to the last minute to arrange another time with me.)

Wednesday May 31, 4-7 pm

Saturday, June 3, 10 am – 1pm

Anything unclaimed will be offered to Bridgewater Sustainable Earth Foundation the week of June 5. Anything they do not want will be disposed of through the Plymouth Transfer Station on June 10th.

Cost: There will be a small fee to participate as a vendor. The fee offsets the cost of printing flyers, making sandwich boards to advertise the event, and disposal cost. The fee is $5, and will be subtracted from your total sales. (So, if you don’t sell anything, you won’t pay anything. And if you sell less than $5, you will only pay the amount you sold. Everything over the first $5 will go to you.)

Participants are partners in advertising the event. We will have a downloadable PDF of the event’s advertisement flyer available on May 1. You can use it to print your own flyers, if you wish. We will also provide printed flyers at Plymouth Town Hall starting on Monday, May 1. Please spread them around!

Questions? Contact Lauren Skaskiw, Community Center Director or call 802 855 7566

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