Plans for the Strawberry Festival are Underway! — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard.


Writing on Sunday morning, it was lovely to see the sun make an appearance again.  The rain has washed driveways and the lakes seem very high, but at least we were spared the damage that occurred in Rutland on Friday evening.  There was one light-hearted video that emerged, however, a port-a-potty being wind-driven across a parking lot!

The weather certainly didn’t cooperate for the morning of Green-Up Day, but you can still obtain green bags at the Town Office and deposit them in the dumpster.  The rain did miraculously stop just in time for the graveside service for Julie Gibbs – a real blessing.

Both Tyson Ladies Aid and Tyson Church had meetings recently to discuss plans for the Strawberry Festival.  Details to follow, but mark your calendars for Wed, 6/21 for this terrific annual town event!

Consider joining Sue Mordecai for gentle yoga/meditation at 8:00 AM on Saturday, 5/13.  By the way, we honor mothers on 5/14, but I always like to think it is a day to recognize nurturers of all shapes, sizes, and connections….


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