Celebrating New Life, New Opportunities, and Milestones in Plymouth! — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard


Finlee Robert Olmstead, born 7/8/17, to Rich and Jaclyn Olmstead

What a glorious day this Sunday turned out to be. I purposively waited until the sun left my yard to write this report! Although there were a few moments of concern when the sky darkened and the winds picked up at the Tyson Ladies Aid Bazaar yesterday, but the rain held off and everyone seemed to enjoy this amazing yearly fundraiser. Thanks for all the hard work and contributions that helped to make it a success. On hand were the several free or reduced rate passes that can be obtained at Tyson Library to a number of places – the State Park, Coolidge Homestead, Billings Museum, and ECHO in Burlington to name a few. The Library is open from 10 to noon, Tues – Saturday.

I have been remiss in noting the birth of Finnlee Olmstead on 7/8, the second son of Rich and Jaclyn Olmstead. A belated happy birthday to Sandie Small (8/11) and congratulations to Steve and Naomi Moyer who just celebrated an anniversary!  Art Baker has been thrilled to see a Canadian Lynx in all its splendor by his house. The joy of living in VT!

The Reach Out Luncheon (co-sponsored by Tyson Ladies Aid and Tyson Church) will take place this Thursday, 8/17 in the Community Room downstairs at Tyson Church. The teens from Windsor County Youth Services will be helping with the BBQ and also providing entertainment. There is no charge and it is a fun way to visit with friends and enjoy good food at the same time! Dot Pingree, who used to attend regularly, sends her regards.

How nice that Barbara Wanamaker will be offering free knitting lessons at the Community Center on 8/23 (learning to read patterns and basic stitches) and 8/30 (progressing with the work) at 1:00 and then again at 6:30 for those who are interesting in learning. Bring size 7 or 8 needles and a skein of medium weight yarn in a light color. Experienced knitters can bring projects in process. Let her know your interest at bewanamaker@gmail or 802-396-0130.

Some of you know that Betsy and Russ Tonkin will be moving to CT shortly. Betsy has been very active in the Historical Society and the Reading Group among other things. Russ has been the Town Health Officer and has served on the Select Board for several years. There will be a potluck meal at 6:00 PM on Thursday, 8/24 at the Town Building to thank them for their service and to wish them well. Please join us!

As usual, we thoroughly enjoyed having Melissa Marvell bringing her special music to Tyson Church on Sunday. Please note that our Children’s Sunday will be 8/27 this month with a story and craft by Lisa Marks. Please let me know if you plan to bring your youngster(s) so she can have enough craft materials on hand.

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