Can You Help with the Monthly Reach Out Luncheon? — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard

Dorothy and Roger Pingree, Betty Ann and Bob Hayward are pictured with Captain Claude Weyant from the Windsor County Sheriff’s Dept at the Reach Out Community Luncheon on 2/20/2015 downstairs at Tyson Church.


In order to meet the VS deadline, I am writing this one early. We have just had the Reach Out Luncheon featuring a wonderful turkey dinner prepared mostly by Tyson Ladies Aid. The snow may have been a limiting factor, but I wish there had been more folks there to share it. Those who did attend enjoyed socializing as well as the bountiful meal. The help of the teens from the Windsor County Youth Services boys and girls homes was invaluable, as usual. Their youthfulness adds a certain hum of activity and gaiety to this gathering.

So now I have a plea to send out to the community. Tyson Church reimburses the expenditure for the entree, but the side dishes and dessert are provided by volunteers. Although the teens assist with serving and clean-up, someone needs to help plan the meal, see who will be on-hand and make sure all the pieces come together. The Community Room at the church provides an ideal setting and I believe we have been serving the community in this way for approximately 6 years now.

We have had some elaborate meals, but the main purpose of this monthly event is the time to socialize – to get to know folks in the surrounding area. In other words, to promote a sense of community. There are no age limitations, no fees – just getting to know your neighbors. We usually have a speaker for entertainment or information – sometimes both. We have a wealth of interesting and knowledgable people around here!

I know that many non-church folks, even from neighboring towns help with the popular breakfasts at the Bridgewater UCC church. It is a community effort and seems to be fun for all who participate, including the volunteers as well as the attendees.

In the past the partnership of the church and Tyson Ladies Aid has helped to make it possible for these luncheons to take place 10 months per year – none in December or June. Are there folks out there who have not previously been involved who would be willing to lend a hand so this special time can continue that often? It doesn’t need to be a fancy meal. Soup and cold cuts, or a tasty casserole, salad, perhaps with a favorite cake or batch of cookies. Email me if you would like to help!

Thanksgiving is upon us and I am truly thankful for all of those who have participated in the past. Let’s come together to see that it continues. Thanksgiving Blessings to one and all!

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