Reach-out Luncheon, Reading Group, and Town Tag Sale on the Calendar — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard


What a rude awakening!  Having just returned Saturday night from a Caribbean cruise on the Disney ship, Fantasy, coming back to over a foot of snow was quite a contrast, to say the least.  I guess while we were gone there was very little precip, but beware, there is still a solid layer of ice under the snow.

I believe that Tyson Ladies Aid is preparing a feast for the Reach Out Luncheon that will take place at the church on Thursday, 2/15.  Also on that date at 6:30 PM will be Reading Group.

The only other news I have gleaned lately is that there will be a town-wide tag sale at the Community Center again this Memorial Day weekend.  Details to follow!

Stay warm and well.

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