Free Camp Day, and Strawberry Festival! — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard


There will be NO snow tubing at Bethany Birches Camp’s Open House day, but there will be lots of fun! Come get some!

Line up! Our Town’s annual Strawberry Festival is marching over the horizon! Don’t miss the party. That would be a real ‘Dave’ move.

Come enjoy a free day at Bethany Birches Camp on Saturday, 6/16 from 2:00 – 6:00 PM where you can swim in the pond, play games, meet the staff, and cook dinner over a fire – just like they do at camp!

Also, join the fun at the annual Plymouth Strawberry Festival on Wednesday, 6/20 at Camp Plymouth Camp Park on Echo Lake starting at 5:00 PM.  BBQ by Emergency Services, Strawberry shortcake by Tyson Ladies Aid, and the raffle by Tyson Church.  All these organizations work together to benefit the community. 

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