Grace Coolidge Musicale — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard.

Peyton, and baby Kobe Joyner, grandchildren of Elaine and Bruce Pauley.


So sorry about the fire, but also glad that much was able to be salvaged. The response in VT is so heartwarming – folks jump in to help in so many ways. The sense of community runs deep.

Tom and I walked up the road the other day and noticed that the brook running under our driveway was dry. Quite a contrast to the raging torrent when “Irene” visited town. All the vegetation was glistening today (Sunday)  and seemed to be happy with the rain. Today signaled a day for me to accomplish a few things indoors, which is needed every once in a while!

We had a nice crowd for the Community Luncheon last Thursday. Thanks to Windsor County Youth Services for handling the BBQ and to the several volunteers who provided salads, fruit, and dessert. Also, it wouldn’t have happened if the Echo Lake Inn didn’t lent us their grill – thanks, Tom!

Aren’t grandchildren wonderful. The picture is Peyton, 3 year old sister of Kobe, born July 6, 2018, to Mike and Lauren Joyner.  Peyton and Kobe are the joy of grandparents Bruce and Elaine Pauley and it is easy to see why!

The second Grace Coolidge Musicale will take place on Sunday, July 29, at 4:00 p.m. [at the Calvin Coolidge Homestead church, I believe -ed.] The 45-minute concert is free, although donations are always welcome. This performance will feature the Mairzy Doats Duo – mezzo-soprano Ellen Nordstrom and pianist Abigail Charboneau. Please join them for popular tunes of World Wars I and II and the years between, with a special tribute to Irving Berlin. To add to the fun there will be vintage costumes and décor.


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