Public Hearing Notice

The Planning Commission of the Town of Plymouth will hold a hearing on the proposed revision of the Plymouth Town Plan on January 15, 2019 at 7:00 pm at the Plymouth Municipal Auditorium. The Planning Commission will accept comments at this Public Hearing. The proposal covers all lands within the Town of Plymouth. Full copies of the draft Town Plan and maps are available from The Plymouth Town Clerk and on the Town website. Below is a summary of the proposal.

  • Data and figure updates, changes, and revisions added throughout the Plan
  • New goals, policies to support these goals, and recommendations for those policies were created throughout this Town Plan
  • Utilities and Facilities
    • Information about improvements and future needs was updated
  • Economic Development
    • This is a new chapter that contains data, goals, policies and recommendations
  • Natural Resources, Scenic Resources, Historic Resources, and Flood Resilience
    • This chapter now addresses flood resilience.
    • Language was added tp support the protection of critical wildlife habitat and forest blocks.
  • Energy Planning and Conservation
    • New energy data was added and chapter expanded.
  • Community Health and Wellness
    • This new chapter addresses health in Plymouth.
  • Implementation
    • More language regarding Plan implementation was added.
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