Community Luncheon & Reading Group ~ Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted with permission by The Vermont Standard


Well, so much for a couple of days of spring-like weather! Snow is swirling as I write on Friday and who knows what the totals will end up being. Sadly, we cancelled plans to meet friends from Pittsfield MA in Bennington for lunch today. I believe that is the second time this winter!

I feel sorry for the birds, especially the woodpeckers, since the raccoons have awakened and raided the suet feeder twice within the last several days. I know they are hungry, but they relish eating and devour the whole thing!

Although a few less in attendance, we had the most amazing feast at the Community Luncheon yesterday. Michelle Pingree’s friend, Carl prepared a very delicious corned beef and cabbage meal. It was absolutely the best that I have ever had! Erik Johansson played both guitar and harp for us – always wonderful, too.

The Reading Group met last evening to discuss Little Fires Everywhere by Celest Ng. It was another look at family dynamics and how our preconceived ideas often determine our responses. The relationships among teens and between them and their parents is always intriguing. The next selection is the Anatomy of a Miracle by Jonathan Miles, which will be discussed on 5/2. Find a copy and consider joining us. The topics of conversation that arise are fun, varied, and thought-provoking!

More homes and land changing hands:

1) 490 Grand View Lodge $450,012 Carl Witthoft and Julie Jankelson to Braintree Real Estate Mgmt. Co.

2) Pine Hill Rd. 51.1 Acres $45,000 Arthur Grace to Michael and Melissa Lynds

3) 431 Peregrine Rd. $198,150 Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Leonardo Echanique and Nicholas Grande

4) 7 Bear Hill $275,000 Green Mountain Bureau, LLC to Nathan and Lauren Kostoulakos

5) Colby Pond Rd. 60 Acres $100,000 Deborah Songailo and Sean Kunzli to Todd Rainville

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