Good Friday Bake Sale & upcoming Spaghetti Supper~ Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard.


Bright sunshine & rising temps are very welcome this Friday morning. The forecast of rain/snow later – not so much! Our driveway is cordoned off at the moment, so that ruts from the tires do not arise & lead to little rivers rushing down during the April showers. I tell myself it is good exercise to trudge up and down, but I do regret that friends coming here for dinner this evening will need to trek up to the house.

Plans were discussed for the annual Tyson Ladies Aid Good Friday bake sale at the Shaws plaza in Ludlow on 4/19. There are always many interesting goodies from which to choose. All of the ladies are terrific cooks, but some are truly creative!

Also, their Spaghetti Supper on Sunday, 5/5 at the Plymouth town building promises to be a delightful and delicious time. There is no charge, but donations are encouraged and this time will go to Plymouth Emergency Services for supples needed for community education.

Sue Poirier will be teaching what is called ‘Hands Only’ CPR on Tuesday, 4/30 from 6:30 – 8:00 PM at the Fire Station for only $5. To register contact Sue at no later than 4/22. There will be additional training offered in the future, with new medical “props” needed. We are fortunate to have folks willing to teach and TLA offering to help with expenses – a real community effort!

Speaking of community efforts, the next Community Luncheon downstairs in Tyson Church will be 4/19. Looking for help with meal prep. We usually have 25 – 30 people in attendance, including teens from Windsor County Youth Services, who assist with serving and clean-up. We need a main course, sides, and dessert. Anyone interested in helping, please let me know!


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