Book Club & PASTA meeting, Green Up Day 2019 ~ Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted with permission by The Vermont Standard


it seems like the whole world is waking up – springing forth with new life! Finches are back, along with juncos and other birds. Barred owls can be heard uttering mating calls or else simply naming their territory. The raccoons seem to have moved on or at least found other food besides seeds dropped from our feeder. I understand a young moose was seen in the Hale Hollow area.

Today on my way back from Ludlow I saw a large turtle moving out on to Rte 100, perhaps a female looking for a place to lay eggs. Fearing it might get hit, I pulled over and alerted traffic. I wondered if I could help move it along – to one side or the other, but seeing the way it was thrusting its neck forward and menacing with its teeth as traffic passed, I realized I was not going be the one assist it. Apparently it wasn’t there much longer because friends who came that way after I left, did not see it. Hopefully that means it survived!

The weather is making it a bit difficult for spring sports since the fields have experienced heavy rain and in some places flooding. I see that Julia Kowalski and former Plymouth resident, Theresa Steward are both playing softball for Woodstock. I imagine there are other student athletes. Let me know who they are!

Please note that Matt Mccormick’s PASTA meeting has been changed to Wed, 5/1 at 6 PM at the Community Center. On the agenda will be brainstorming ideas for a mission statement; discussion about joining the Catamount Trail Association or/and Vermont Mountain Bike Association and submitting an application to the Rivers Trails and Conservation Assistance program; plus setting up a regular meeting schedule. Bring a pasta dish to share!

It should be a very interesting discussion about the current Reading Group selection, Anatomy of a Miracle by Jonathan Miles that will take place at at the Community Center at 6:30 on Thursday, 5/2. Join us even if you have not read it!

Roadways need freshening up this time of year and you can be part of cleanup effort as noted by Jen Flaster, who suggests: Grab your friends, join your neighbors and get involved in Vermont’s state-wide Green Up Day on May 4th. It’s easy! Pick a road, grab a bag and do your part! Bags for the Town of Plymouth will be available at the Plymouth Municipal Building on Saturday, May 4th from 8am-10am. Farm & Wilderness and Bethany Birches are teaming up this year to provide some nourishment to volunteers before you head out. Thanks also to ABLE Waste for providing a dumpster at the Town Offices for any trash collected on Green Up Day. Contact Jen Flaster ( if you have any questions or to volunteer.

Happy Birthday to Kathy Lynds on 4/29 and belated congratulations to Brandon Bergey (4/19)




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