Upcoming Town-wide Tag Sale! ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard.


Dreary this Thursday, and there is not much more I say about the weather. I had asked friends returning from FL to bring some good weather with them, but for the moment, that hasn’t happened! Whenever there is a break and the sun appears, I leave indoor pursuits and head outdoors. By the time this goes to print, GreenUp day will have passed, but hopefully folks will have been able to beautify our roadways and warmer temps will be here.

As to the question posed by some after my mention of the snapping turtles teeth – I stand corrected. Obviously I did not get close enough to see into its mouth, but apparently it is the beak that does the damage. Their long necks and their powerful jaws are a cause for concern and the sites I visited suggested picking them up with 2 hands firmly on the shell, above their back feet. Care is needed to avoid their sharp claws as well. So, with that information & reading that they can weigh as much as 30 pounds, I don’t plan to be lifting any the near future and perhaps you shouldn’t either!

Still sorting out plans for the 5/16 Community Luncheon, so mark your calendar. Since I will be on the road very early on Friday morning, I need to submit my report now. By next time, I will have more news about the luncheon and also the new book selected by the Reading Group.

Don’t forget to consider participating in the 6th Annual Plymouth Town Tag Sale on Memorial Day Sunday; to be held at the Plymouth Community Center on May 26th. Contact Lauren at lskaskiw@gmail.com for details.

In the meantime, relish any hint of warmth and sunshine that comes your way….5ada51a3b5b54.image

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