Property transfers, Passings & the upcoming Strawberry Festival! ~ Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


This morning (Friday) is gloriously sunny, as was yesterday. Maybe the nice weather is finally here! I think most of us are ready to engage in some outdoor activities. When Tom and I went for a walk last evening, the light breeze kept the black flies at bay, which was a nice perk.

I understand that the Town-wide Tag Sale over the Holiday weekend was quite successful with over $1,200 in vendor sales. Thanks to Lauren and others for all their hard work. Also, The Plymouth Schoolhouse will be hiring its first employee and staying open for year round childcare starting this summer and will be able to accommodate infants and toddlers, as well as the preschool aged children. For more information, contact Director Lauren Skaskiw-Harootunian at 802 417 6895 or email

Tom and I were away for a week, including the Memorial Day weekend. It was nice to see the festive bunting draping the lighted bridge in Tyson upon our return. Thanks to Tyson Ladies Aid for providing it.

At the recent TLA meeting, final touches were added for their part of the Annual Strawberry Festival to be held at Camp Plymouth State Park on Wednesday, 6/19, starting at 5:00 PM. Admission to the park is free at that time, so come enjoy the BBQ by Emergency Services, including salads by many community members. Plus feast on the delicious strawberry shortcake dessert by Tyson Ladies Aid.

You can make yourself comfortable in this lovely park setting while listening to Adam Boyce and Sue Hunt provide delightful music, as you munch away and wait for the Tyson Church raffle drawing. Fun things for youngsters to do, too. The added benefit is seeing friends and neighbors, while supporting local organizations that then turn right around and utilize these funds to enhance our community. This will also provide an opportunity to meet the new Park Ranger, Garecht Brunner!

Please note there will not be a Community Luncheon this month in hopes that everyone will attend the Strawberry Festival instead. For July, we will be back in business and likely have a BBQ, so folks can look forward to gathering again.

It is with sadness that I note the passing of Bea Wheeler. Recently a resident of Gill Home, she had become quite frail and ready to move on. Kudos to Dale & Larry Lynds for their devotion to caring for her needs for so long. For many years, when John was an active member of the Fire Dept, Bea made a dessert for each meeting. None of us other wives picked up the gauntlet, so meetings no longer include these regular sweet treats! Thanks to those who responded to the dumpster fire at Coolidge State Park the other day.

Many folks will probably remember Ruth Bostock, who passed away last year. Her niece, Martha, will be holding an estate sale at Ruth’s home at 59 Lake Pauline Rd, Ludlow on 6/22. I understand there will be many books and personal items that might be meaningful to those who knew her.

Property transfers still abound, so listing the latest below:

1) 181 Upper Round Top Rd. $261,500 Andrew Visinski to Peter and Emma Zelken

2) 832 Grand View Lodge, Unit D $57,300 Peter and Geraldine Marchessault to Jesse Gagnon

3) 894 East Ash Rd, Ledges 13 $150,000 Clara Garcia to Ernest and Carmen Ruzza

4) 998 East Ash Rd, Ledges 21 $135,000 Zorn Family Trust to Wesley and Patricia Wilkey

5) 27 Hillside Rd. $345,000 Benjamin Nazzaro to Richard and Suzanne Walsh Fresh strawberry background

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