Strawberry Festival recap & a settled Pastor for Tyson Church! ~ Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted with Permission by The Vermont Standard


Either folks didn’t listen to the weather forecast or they just didn’t believe it would rain because the Strawberry Festival was near record capacity. I heard a figure of 400 cars being counted and not even a drizzle to dampen anyone’’s enthusiasm!

So many people worked to lay the groundwork and then even more volunteered to pull it all together and make it run smoothly – new faces and familiar ones working side-by-side. It is truly a wonderful community event run by Emergency Services, Tyson Ladies Aid and Tyson Church, but many others join in, as well. Thanks to one and all!

Personally, I just love to chat with everyone – some folks that I don’t see often, so we cheerfully catch up. The youngsters take part in their own way, enjoying the crowd and the music, as well as the face-painting and crafts. Hopefully some of the pictures depict the spirit of the evening.

Also, some exciting news about Tyson Church. Terry Bascom has accepted the call to be the settled pastor, after over a year of relying upon pulpit supply. Those who have led worship have done a wonderful job, but hopefully the continuity will bring new life to the church.

People in photos include: Alice Nitka, Joan Day, Kathy Lynds, Marge Macintyre, Corsi Maurello, Kirk Turner, Bruce Verdrager, Tom Marrone.

16b761f045074d982f242019_0620_140349002019_0620_14035800A young admirer of the fiddle music of Adam Boyce and pianist Sue Hunt at 2019 Strawberry Festival in Plymouth VT (MABoyce)DSC_2432DSC_2438DSC_2450

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