A public service announcement for those who visit:


Bears are awake and hungry.  The most common sources of food that attract bears are pet food, bird feeders, barbecue grills, garbage, household trash containers and open dumpsters.

Plymouth residents know this, however, visitors who come here for a short visit might not be aware that leaving their garbage at “curb side” on Sunday afternoon, or in a container that is not bear proof, is a calling card for bears. Bears love garbage and will leave no container unopened.   They’re not very good about keeping things in a neat pile either.  Your garbage is dragged into the road and across the landscape, a long trail of everything you left behind.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife lists the following measures to protect property from bears:

Never feed bears deliberately or accidentally

Feed your pets indoors

Feed birds from December to March only

Store trash in a secure place.  Trash cans alone are not enough.

If you don’t have a secure place to leave your trash, consider taking it back home with you!

We welcome you to our town and know you want to be a good neighbor.  We can all work together to keep our landscape safe and free of litter.

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