Community Luncheon and Book Club Coming Up — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard

I am writing this on Sunday on a near perfect weather day! My cousin from Mobile called this morning bemoaning their heat and humidity – a bit jealous of our lovely forecast. The storm on Saturday afternoon unleashed some heavy rain and caused power outages, although not in the immediate area. After supper it was cooler and clear – just right for an evening walk!
The Calvin Coolidge Foundation arranged for the fireworks on the 3rd and there were a few very pretty new ones this year. Unfortunately nearby grass caught fire, but thankfully several firemen were on hand and a second fire truck was mobilized to handle it. Thanks to Steve Radonis for adding a comment to the Plymouth Press regarding Angela Kissel, who unbeknownst to me, joined the Dept a few months ago and has even completed Fire Fighter One training. Way to go!
There was quite a crowd on hand at the July 4th events at the Coolidge Homestead. With folks coming and going, it was difficult to estimate, but I wouldn’t be surprised if 500 people were in attendance. It was a toasty day, but the music was delightful and everyone seemed to be having fun.
Emergency Service quickly sold out at the BBQ. Bill Jenney was grateful that they agreed to provide food, since Wilder is not currently open. Someone from the Coolidge Foundation was walking around cheerfully handing out bottled water! There were many takers for the birthday cake (see picture), as well.
The monthly Luncheon downstairs in the Community Room of Tyson Church on Thursday, 7/18 will be a BBQ. Thanks to Tom Gianola from the Echo Lake Inn for loaning us the grill and Windsor County Youth Services for providing the burgers and hot dogs and cooking them up! For sides, we have offers of pasta salad and coleslaw, but we probably need another salad and also dessert. Anyone interested in providing these items please let me know. There is no charge for the luncheon, so it is wonderful how various people assist with meal prep. If summer weather continues, I will pick up a watermelon, too!
The Book Group will be meeting at the Community Center at 6:30 PM on 7/18, which could make for a busy day for some of us. We will be discussing Into the Wilderness by VT author, Deborah Lee Luskin.  Come join the discussion
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