Special reception, upcoming Community Luncheon & future Presentation ~ Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted with permission of the Vermont Standard


This is Sunday evening and we spent the weekend in Boston – a fun place, but oh, the traffic. Although places may be located conveniently closer, the congestion makes the time to get there just as long as our drives here in VT!

We arrived home in time to attend the special reception given in honor of Plymouth resident, Gwen Groff. She has been the beloved pastor at Bethany Mennonite Church in Bridgewater for 20 years. During this time she has touched many lives and there were numerous expressions of appreciation. The celebration combined good food, gratitude, genuine love and God’s blessings.

More good food will be in evidence thanks to the many people who are contributing to the November Community Luncheon that will be held on Thursday, 11/21 at 11:30 in the Community Room at Tyson Church. Hopefully the predicted inclement weather of the first part of the week will be long gone. Come join the fun!

Please mark you calendar for this enlightening event. The VT Department of Financial Regulation will be giving a FREE Outreach presentation on how to protect your personal information and not get scammed. It will take place on 1/7 at 10:00 am at the Plymouth Community Center. I attended one of their workshops previously and there is considerable good information, so plan to be there.

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