Upcoming Financial Presentation at Community Center, January Community Luncheon and property sales~ Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


I hope that everyone had a delightful Holiday. Despite no recent snow, at least most of us have some on the ground. Be aware of icing conditions, however, so that you start the New Year on the right foot(ing)!

Don’t forget the VT Department of Financial Regulation’s free presentation on how to protect your personal information and not be scammed. Come to the Community Center on 1/7 at 10:00 AM to hear all about it!

It is time to begin planning the January Community Luncheon. Anyone excited about planning and making the main dish? Tyson Church very kindly reimburses up to $50 for the entree ingredients. Once we know what is planned, others usually agree to provide sides and dessert. Let me know!

Does it seem like our town is being bought and sold with abandon these days? Take a look at the latest transactions within the last couple of months.

1) 182 Upper Round Top Rd   $60,000   Steven Caulkins to James and Laura Kiernan

2) 1496 Hale Hollow Rd.    $225,000      John Saradjian Trust to Marion Dodd Trust

3) 39 Harrier Way    $530,000   John and Karen Morneau to Garrett and Susanne Cook

4) 4283 Route 100   $118,000     Margaret Dembinski to Tessa Buss

5) 170 Frog City Rd      $375,000   Mark and Tara Murphy to Nathan and Erica Melzer

6) 260 Kingdom Rd       $375,000    Peter Jazowski to Joshua Lenthall and William Giesey

7) 88 Ann’s Way    $148,000    Warren Evanko to Michael Casuto

8) 366 Crimson Hawk Rd    $195,000      Gerald and Irene Crossland to Jeffrey Kross and Marlena McNamee

9) 958 Hale Hollow Rd        $270,000    Joan Rubin to Juan Gonzales and Gregory Faux

10) 401 Great Roaring Brook Rd    $400,000       Mark and Maura Scully to Jonathan and Lisa Duke

11) Lynds Hill Rd, 69.85 Acres     $200,000    William and Hilda Yates to James, Mary, and Christopher Ottaway


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