Superbowl Party at Bethany Birches! ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


Well, it’s definitely back to winter around here! I couldn’t believe the number of folks who ventured to our area for this holiday weekend. I imagine that local businesses are glad to have them. As the snow was falling on Saturday evening, we went with several friends to the roast pork dinner at the Catholic Church in Ludlow and the mood was festive.

I was surprised that there were not more people snowshoeing at Camp Plymouth State Park on Sunday afternoon because it was delightful over there when Karen Evans and I and another friend spent a fun-filled hour taking in the beauty.

Thanks to everyone who prepared, served, and participated in the Community Luncheon last Thursday! Tacos were a bit hit – thanks to Nancy Kessling for gathering and organizing all of the ingredients. Joy Donnelly’s little cheese cakes vanished quite quickly, too! It was nice to have a few words from recently appointed Selectman, Rick Kaminski. He will be sending out a survey so that folks can express their thoughts about our town for consideration.

I am including a note from Bethany Birches Camp, where a Superbowl party for Plymouth residents will again be held this year.  We will open up the building around 6pm on Feb 2. While we wish we could cook for all and host you right, we will have just finished a winter camp for young people hours before and our cooks will be back to their regular jobs on Mon. So this will be potluck. We will provide a big screen (10′), surround sound, chairs, picnic tables, plates, cups, bowls, napkins, silverware, trash cans… everything you need to eat and drink whatever you bring. If you have young children and want to bring their bike or scooter or similar, there will be space for them to ride indoors. Come to the Bethany Birches parking lot and follow the signs.

This will also provide an opportunity to get to know this wonderful facility, where birthday parties ( can take place and cabin lodging is often available.


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