Importance of staying connected, ABLE Waste running regularly, dog license registration date extended ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


So, this is my regular day to write and there really is not too much to say. We have been encountering many people during our daily walks on Dublin Rd and for the most part we all keep a respectable distance from each other while sharing warm greetings and good cheer.

Today some of us walked along Scout Camp Road, behind Echo Lake and there were several cars parked at the state park. The air was cool and the sunshine warm – a perfect combination. I know the some folks are feeling they need to stay indoors to maintain an acceptable distance. Whatever you prefer, I just hope that everyone is getting exercise and remaining in contact with other people. Social isolation can easily lead to depression, so by whatever means suits you, please reach out and stay connected.

Exercising and doing Tai Chi on the deck has been a new and lovely morning routine lately. Of course, I still have to bundle up, but my baggy coat allows me to stretch and move freely. Rather than my usual music, the birds provide their own symphony these days.

Speaking of birds, this pair of geese was swimming away from us, but when my friend readied her camera, they turned around in unison like a well orchestrated dance and seemed to pose for the picture!

By the way, I did speak with Able Waste and they still plan to maintain their regular schedule of both trash and recycling pick-ups. isn’t nice to know that something has remained unchanged! Peoples United Bank has requested appointments be made for inside services, although drive-through is still available.

I also wanted to note that the dog license registration date has been extended until 5/1, but Sandie said you are welcome to send in your check along with proof of rabies inoculation.

Lastly, a quote for the day rom Peter Marshall and it says: “When we long for life without… Difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure”.

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