Life during COVID-19, Sugaring & staying connected

Reprinted with the permission of The Vermont Standard


Well, the month of March is coming to an end. That seems like a good thing in light of COVID 19. Writing this on Sunday, it would be easy to let the dreariness outside be reflected in my mood. That will not be helpful, however, so I choose to see the positives that abound around me.

So many days this week there have been walks in sunlight – sharing pleasantries with family and friends that I encountered along the way. We have new neighbors up the road. I have not met them yet, but I intend to walk up there soon. They have a lovely large porch so we can chat with appropriate distance!

We had a good day in our sugarhouse, finishing the season with another 10½ gallons, which is a lot for us in one day! I was pleasantly surprised to find fresh fruit and veggies during senior shopping hours at Shaws in Ludlow last Tuesday. There were relatively few patrons, nobody in the check out line with me and staff was cheerful and efficient.

Robins are here, as well as purple finches. Oh, I need to thank Scott for bringing us another bag of sunflower seeds. As usually happens this time of year, our driveway is closed off, so he walked all the way up to our house with it!

I forgot to mention last week that I believe I saw a bobcat up in our woods. I caught a glimpse of it from our window as it slowly meanderied up the ridge, until it disappeared behind the sugarhouse. A cute little chippy spent considerable time seeming to look at me through the sliding glass door. He sat on our outdoor fireplace peering in, but I didn’t want to disturb the cat sitting on my lap, so I did not get a picture.

I participated in the Writing Circle sponsored by the Norris Cotton Cancer Center at DHMC on Tuesday evening. Such a diverse and delightful group of folks who write in response to prompts given by Marv Klassen-Landis. Connections – important and so needed right now. I will share below a silly little piece I wrote that night.

Although it was a challenge, I managed to hook into Zoom to join other congregants of Bethany Mennonite Church. Isn’t technology amazing! I would love to hear how some of you are doing and the ways that you are coping with these stressful times.  Be well, Margo


A time to take apart and a time to put together

Can I be productive during this pandemic?

Perhaps tackle a project or two

Well, I am only marginally motivated

Maybe I should compose a list

Alas, I just want to make calls and connect

Perchance, by multi-tasking I can do both!

If needed, contact the Disaster Distress Helpline external icon

Call 1-800-985-5990

Photo is of local Liam Harootunian, enjoying a springtime “walk” with his parents and canine friend Chulu. image0

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