Emergency Services are active & assisting!

We are fortunate that Emergency Services (Fire Dept. and First Response) are still active during COVID 19.  Also, please note the Plymouth Emergency Management Team (Emergency Management Director, Selectboard Chair, Head of the Highway Dept., Fire Chief and EMS Coordinator) is up and running. There are also active volunteers involved.  Services are being provided for “at risk” individuals.  

You can access help by sending an email to covid19plymouth@yahoo.com or calling Sue Poirier at 802-236-2683  in addition, she has asked that these important guidelines be shared.
  • Wash your hands with soap & water for AT LEAST 20 seconds (you can sing Happy Birthday in that amount of time)
  • If you can’t immediately wash your hands use a hand sanitizer and then, as soon as possible, wash your hands
  • Keep at least 6 feet away from the nearest person (6 feet is the size of a tall person, 6 1′ square tiles etc)
  • Stay home as much as possible. Walks are ok and get the yard cleaned up.
    • The use of meeting apps like Facetime, Skype, Whatsapp and Zoom may help with any social distancing anxiety.
  • The CDC has now recommended that everyone wear at least a cloth mask when you have to go outside of your home to do critical (read groceries, medications, supplies) .  The mask could be a bandanna tied around your face covering nose and mouth or a home sewn mask.  There are a number of patterns out there to use for the crafty citizens.
  • Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough then wash your hands!  Or you can sneeze/cough into your elbow or as my grandkids told me you can pull your shirt/blouse up over your face to cover the cough/sneeze. Wash your hands.
  • Drink plenty of water…stay hydrated.
  • If you feel ill isolate yourself from the rest of the family.  Call your health care provider.
  • Disinfect frequently used countertops such as in the kitchen or bathroom and disinfect other items like doorknobs, steering wheels and door handles.
  • Shopping:
      • Wipe down grocery cart handles with sanitizer
      • Avoid crowded isles or isles where they are restocking
      • When buying groceries wash the fresh produce, wipe down non perishable containers, quarantine what can stay outside for 3 days.
      • Did I say ‘wash your hands’?


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