Sunny skies, up-to-date Virus info, a relaxing Podcast and local plant sale! ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission of The Vermont Standard


What a glorious day it was on Sunday. Awakening to sunny skies is always a good start to the day, especially since there were snow showers on Saturday morning! Even the cat wanted to be out on the deck at lunchtime.

Tom and I decided upon a change of place for walking, so we drove to the Hawk parking lot and walked up Billings Rd, then took Scout Camp behind Lake Amherst. We met so many people – some fishing, others walking, and also a few biking. A cold wind scurried through on occasion, but it felt so good and freeing to just be out and about.

If you would like to keep up-to-date with the latest virus stats for VT, you may go to for the information. Also, please know that the Woodstock Farmers Market is open again for curbside pick-up Tuesday through Saturday, between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m beginning 4/21. You need to place your orders online and can check the website for what is available and the order form.

I received permission to note a Podcast hosted by Heidi Spear, for an eleven minute session that includes relaxing breath work, meditation, and visualization. It is episode 3 of her new podcast called Storybook. During these uncertain times, I am finding the need to explore various ways of coping. I hope that all of us will reach out to find new resources.

Speaking of ways to cope and bringing cheerfulness into our lives, please note that the Horticulture Dept of WUHS will be holding a plant sale on Friday, 5/1 outside the greenhouses at the school. Just drive around the righthand side of the building and you will find a wonderful array of plants for reasonable prices. The pansies that I purchased previously attest to the loving care of the students engendered by John Hiers and staff. So, brighten you day and help the program at the same time.

Did you know that Okemo Valley TV is a great place to view local meetings and to learn about community events? If you are not on cable, you can access programs and videos by going to For instance, you can watch the 4/11 benefit concert by area musicians that was a fundraiser for the VT Foodbank. Also, Dr Linda Thomson recently recorded a thirty minute meditation to help ease the stress of COVID-19. Consider taking advantage of this wonderful resource.

Well, as you can see, properties are still changing hands here in Plymouth. I was very pleased to meet our new neighbors, David and Jennifer. Welcome!

255 Davis Rd $250,000 Christopher Bowen(Trustee) to David and Jennifer Wasilauskas

102 East Ash Rd. $299,000 Sandra Rothman to Alistair and Margaret Rogers

5460 Rte 100 $170,000 Robert Hubbard to Jessica Boudreault

5340 Rte 100 $150,000 Arthur and Julie Lynds to Amelie Fabre

Lynds Hill Rd, land(10.53 ACRES) $46,000 Jill Davies to Tadeusz and Katarzyna Bebenek

115 Osprey Pl $350,000 Nicholas and Diane Lopardo to Mario, Arlene and Nicholas LaRosa


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