Weird weather, locals birthdays and Virus in VT ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard
There is no other way to put it – weird weather persists!  We only received about an inch of snow in Tyson during the snow storm Friday into Saturday, but I understand that three or more inches fell in the higher elevations.  Tee shirts one Sunday and heavy sweaters and jackets the next.  I thought our bird feeder hanging high off our dining room was going to blow away.  Tell me, how do the birds hang on?
The trees seem to be taking a beating.  One was down on Scout Camp Rd this weekend, but no wires were involved, so I believe someone on that road revved up his chainsaw and removed it – thank you.  I did learn something unfortunate about the tree that came down on the Tyson/Reading Rd last week.  Apparently a car proceeded to drive over the downed wires and one became entangled.  As the person drove away, it pulled taut and broke the pole in half.  First of all, it is not prudent to drive over wires and it certainly caused considerable more work for the line crew to fix it, meaning area residents were out of power for an extended period of time.
I haven’t been noting birthdays lately, but I did happen to hear about several in May.  I believe Justus Pingree might have had one on 5/5 and I am bit late for Amber Bergey (5/7) and Marcia Bender (5/10), so belated congratulations.  However, you still have time to extend birthday wishes to Colton Kowalski (5/13) and Julia Baldwin (5/18).
It appears that VT is doing fairly well containing COVID -19, but I hope folks will continue to be vigilant in maintaining appropriate safeguards.  Although some people are consistently wearing face masks, not everyone seems to realize that it is a courtesy to others as well as safeguard.   I guess folks will be thinking twice about blowing birthday candles out on a cake to be shared with other people now.
How to be Resilient During This  Pandemic
Somehow I need to learn how to relish the down-time and change it into up-time.  I would like to stop seeing the inconveniences and start being inventive and find new ways of doing things.  Now there is time for long walks – helpful for a number of reasons.  One of them being that there are many more neighbors with whom to share a greeting, albeit from a distance.    Then, I could peruse all of those recipes I have accumulated and use them to spice up our menu.  Ah yes, there are a myriad of projects to be tackled and as a last resort, I could undertake a few!
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