Green Up in Plymouth!

Jen Flaster, Green Up Coordinator

Hi all! Green Up Day info for everyone who wants to participate. Bags are now available outside the door to the town office from 8-4 Monday to Thursday.

Green Up bags will be accepted at Bridgewater Fast Trash up to and including Saturday May 30.
They will be asking for names and town at the payment buckets and will keep a bag count.

Please be patient as those participating will have to be in line and be directed like ABLE’s regular fast trash customers. The items will need to be in the Green Up bags and will not be sorted it – it will all be collected as trash. No large items like tires or furniture will be accepted during these weeks.

If you are finding large items, let me know! ABLE has offered to deliver a dumpster to the town office building for May 30 to collect large items in Plymouth -it would need a volunteer to monitor drop offs that day. If you’d like to volunteer, get in touch at

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