Camp opening, WUHS Graduates, & outdoor Community Luncheon! ~ Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted with permission of the Vermont Standard


Yes, it appears that we still need to layer our clothing – the heat even came on the other morning!  That’s ok, still no better place to be and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.  It appears that many folks are coming up to enjoy our lovely state. The pandemic still haunts us, but with prudence we can still be outdoors and soak up the beauty all around us.

Speaking of beautiful places, per Brandon, “Bethany Birches Camp is working hard to alter its programming to keep up with industry and state guidance in order to offer a summer camp program this year.  Summer camp is as important as ever this year! Spots are limited, but you can see the schedule here:

Congratulations to Plymouth graduates from WUHS, Evie Cole and Charlotte Caron and also to former resident Theresa Steward.  It has not been an ideal way to celebrate, but I hope they have felt honored by the various ways folks have tried to make this time special for them.  I hope I haven’t missed others from town, but please let me know if I did and I will mention you next week!

It has been many months since we have held the community luncheon.  I believe February was the last one.  Katherine & Rodrick Pingree have offered to cook hotdogs and have folks come to their open field on Thursday, 6/18 at 11:30, where we can all spread out and socialize with appropriate distance.  There will be macaroni salad and green salad, as well as dessert.  It looks like the weather will be good, but they have a large barn in case of rain.

You may have noticed how lovely the lights on the Stickney Bridge in Tyson look these days.  A big thank you to the North family (Richard and Doug) for maintaining them and brightening up the night!

You may recall that the dog license deadline was postponed.  If you have your dog’s rabies certification and would like to get your new license, you may call the Town Office (802-672-3655) and they will prepare the paperwork and give you an appointment time.

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