Bear sightings, local Graduates, Community Center work day & VINS opening~ Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard



Well, summer is certainly upon us and going for a dip is the way to cool off!  We have great friends with a house on Echo Lake, but Camp Plymouth State Park will officially open on Friday, 6/26.  Of course, you may go there now and park in the off-season parking lot – the former group field.  Masks are needed and social distancing should be observed.

I had an interesting discussion with a large doe the other morning.  As I burst out my back door to water the garden, I startled her and she jumped into view.  As I spoke to her, she stopped and turned, seeming to listen to me.  I told her that she was beautiful and welcome to visit, but asked that she not eat my flowers.  She lingered for a minute or so, hopefully processing my request, then she bounded off into the woods.

There are so many amazing creatures around here.  Turkeys wander into our yard and the chipmunks are prolific this year.  Bears seem to be in abundance.  Thanks to Steve Radonis for sharing this mother and cub who have been wandering through his yard.

I apologize for leaving Owen Coates off the list of graduating seniors from WUHS. Best of luck as he heads off to Quinnipiac College this fall.  Also, congratulations to Ian Dupont, who recently graduated from Champlain College with a BA in Fine Arts in filmmaking.  He is already employed at Scout Digital in Burlington.

Thanks to Katherine and Rodric Pingree for hosting the Community Luncheon outdoors at their place on Thursday.  Hot dogs, green and also macaroni salad, plus dessert were enjoyed by those who attended, included teens and counselors from Windsor County Youth Services. 

The book discussion (via Zoom) was also on Thursday and although “American Dirt” contained graphic descriptions of the hardships endured by those migrating to the US, everyone agreed it was eye-opening and a good read.  Some of the most disturbing parts depicted the horror of conditions and the activities of the drug cartels in some countries below our border, especially for young girls.  The next book is titled “Dirt” by Bill Bufford, which will be discussed on 7/23.

Lauren is looking for help at the Community Center and writes: on Sat, 6/27 from 11 AM to 1 PM there will be a community workday at the Plymouth community center. There are dandelion greens growing up through the wood chips on the playground, and the front garden bed could use a good weeding. Many hands make light work, and any help to spiffy up our shared community space would be much appreciated. 

It is nice that some places are beginning to open up.  VINS is pleased to be one of them.  Snacks may be purchased, but you will need to bring your own water and of course, a mask.  I didn’t realize that a new upper level has been added to the Canopy Walk, so consider going over to check it out.

I stopped in the Woodstock Farmer’s Market the other day and was pleased to be able to pick up a couple of delicious salads.  As usual, the array of luscious fruits and veggies was wonderful!

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