Passing of Tom Marrone

I know that some of you are already aware that Tom died in Echo Lake on Monday afternoon.  We assume it was his heart & that he simply slid under the water unnoticed.  His countenance was peaceful.

We have not made arrangements, but anticipate a small, immediate family graveside time.  We do not want to put anyone is harm’s way.  We would appreciate hearing funny stories about Tom – fond memories, so please send some to me.  I regret I cannot respond to all the emails & texts at this point, but we (Melissa, Chris, & I) appreciate your thoughts & prayers.

Peace, Margo

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1 Response to Passing of Tom Marrone

  1. Dee Beckman says:

    Margo Tom was such a special man. Cannot think of a town meeting without hearing some opinion he would give us. And Irene, HE lead us all as to what we can/should do. Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers.

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