Last Call for Tom Marrone by Plymouth Volunteer Fire Department and upcoming VT primary elections~ Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


As they say, what a difference a week makes….  There is not much news around town, but I do want to take this opportunity to thank folks for their gracious kindnesses.  So many have reached out to Melissa and me and made us feel surrounded by love.  Thank you one and all.

Although only immediate family took part in the graveside service for Tom, please feel free to stop by his grave if you are so inclined.  It is a lovely view and the stone he chose for his mom is already in place up top and to the left on the hill.  I want to thank the Plymouth Volunteer Fire Department members for honoring Tom with a last call.  It meant a great deal to us.
A number of people have been relating amazing stories about creatures relaying encouraging messages from loved ones who have departed.  So far I have heard about a raccoon, a butterfly, a fox, and an eagle.  During the Bethany Mennonite Zoom church on Sunday, a rather large hummingbird perched on a branch outside my dining room window.  He sat there for almost an hour and even let me draw close to take his picture!
I just want to remind folks that VT primary elections will take place on Tuesday, 8/11.  Voting by absentee ballot is certainly an option, but there will be staggered voting, wearing masks in the Town Building and an outside alternative, too.



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