Summer like weather, beautiful foliage and lots of local property transfers! ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


I hope others have been enjoying the return-to-summer weather!  I had pulled out some warmer clothes, but put them aside for the moment.  That cold snap did bring out our beautiful colors, though.  Everything serves a purpose.

I happened to be looking out the window the other day when something huge flew by.  This has happened in the past, but on this occasion, it landed in a nearby tree, so I was able to grab the binoculars and have a wonderful view of a barred owl.  I hear them nightly, so this 5 PM sighting was a nice treat.

I think we are all aware of our amazing COVID status here in VT and perhaps that partially accounts for the many property transfers noted below.

Pine Hill Rd. $140,000 Stryhas, Lawn, Shea, & Danyew to JAM Properties, LLC and Blayr and Beverly Crowley

2861 Hale Hollow Rd $535,000 Theodore and Kelly Earle to Nathaniel Hendren and Sarah Miller

Messer Hill Rd, 4.16 Acres $49,000 Mark and Laurie Silva to Jeffrey and Kathleen Campbell

323 Crimson Hawk Rd. $252,900 Robert Freedman and Steven Wexler to Mark and Karen Philip

1187 Kingdom Rd 0.8 Acres $1,438.83 Michael and Shawn Kershaw to Thomas and Holly Ellis

998 East Ash Rd L-19 $122,000 Steven and Amy Daddona to Victor and Jacqueline Thelian

515 Round Top Rd. $329,000 Scott and Fatima Westlund to Marcus and Dorothy Doyle

190 Coopers Trace $495,000 Robert and Jaime Wolfangel to Robert Freedman and Steven Wexler

Snowy Owl Lane, 1.85 Acres $4,000 Gerard and Ann Dehner to Richard Ticino

582 Weaver Hill $333,000 Estate of Richard Dougher to Michael andShawn Kershaw

700 Great Roaring Brook Rd. $265,000 Northern Woods LLC to Matthew and Patricia Lurvey

Echo View Drive Lot 6 $35,000 Thomas Derlinga to Brian and Lauren Bargmann

180 Meadow Hawk Rd. $370,000 Titus Leung to Andrew and Susan Vershon

1226 East Ash Rd. L-35 $285,000 Harvey and Nancy Gottlieb to Hillary Hunt and Alex Solomon

529 East Ash Rd. $265,000 George and Sarah Wilkins to Jesse and Danielle Kachapis

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