Colder weather, COVID numbers rising, upcoming election, & Annual Bethany Birches Online Auction! ~ Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted with permission of The Vermont Standard


I am wondering if those lovely warm days are over.  They certainly were a delightful treat and I hope that everyone was able to be outside doing all of the myriad tasks that need to be done before the snow flies.  Sunday I walked around the Historic Site and found a couple from NY strolling there, too.  They didn’t realize it was closed for the season, but were enjoying the sunshine and sense of serenity that was prevailing there.

I took a nice bike ride to Plymouth Union the other day and am thinking it might be the last until spring!  I probably need to take bike riding lessons from Schuyler Hagge, since she has been showing her winning ways recently.  Nice work!

It is a bit disturbing that VT has noted a spike in COVID cases recently.  Certainly we are not seeing the huge uptick that many places are experiencing, but it does sound a note of alarm that calls for caution and prudence.  It is so difficult to know how to maintain contact with family and friends in a way that is safe.  Sometime it feels like a game of Russian roulette…

I guess I am becoming weary of the election drama.  I will certainly be glad when it is over.  Having received the ballot in the mail, I put it behind me by voting early.  We have recently received the separate ballot for Justices of the Peace with the names of the five people who are running.  According to the Vermont Justice of the Peace Guide, “justices of the peace do far more than solemnizing marriages. Their duties are many and varied, from administering oaths to deciding property tax assessment appeals to delivering and counting ballots as elections officials”.  It is an important position and I am grateful that folks are willing to take on these responsibilities. 

Get ready for the annual Bethany Birches Auction, which has been revamped by COVID as so many things have.  On-line bidding starts on Monday, 11/2 at noon.  The live virtual auction takes place on Sat, 11/8 with the preview at 9:30 and the auction starting at 10:00. Check out the website. This is an important fundraiser, so your support can make a difference in the lives of youngsters if you participate.  Staff did an amazing job of keeping the campers safe this summer in light of the pandemic!

I liked this quote I found in Courage to Change:  “We may never have the choices we would have if we were writing the script, but we always have choices”.  To me that means we can choose to be cheerful and loving!

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