Mild weather and local birthdays! ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


Considering we had 10 inches of snow Mon – Tues this week, it was remarkable and wonderful to go for a delightful bike on 11/6 with of a temperature of 62 degrees!  The hoses had been put to bed for the season, so I had no way to wash the mud off my car.  Oh well, these mild days are a gift and much appreciated.

Reflecting upon the large number of votes for Governor Phil Scott, it seems like a positive response to his leadership during COVID.  His thoughtful approach and research based strategies, plus his respectful and congenial manner should be a model for other politicians. 

A belated birthday to Willow Bascom (11/2) and upcoming congratulations to Karen Evans (11/7), young Julia Baldwin (11/20) and Joan Day (11/30).  Not much other news at the moment, but a huge thank-you to those who assisted at the polls on Election Day and worked for long hours to tally the votes.

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