First Storm of Winter Season and recent property sales~ Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


That delightfully warm day last week seemed like the perfect one to wash the car – maybe one of the last until spring.  All the regular hoses had been put away for the season, but I found a short one in the basement (you never know what you will find when you start a cleaning project).  I had used it once before and there seemed to be a very small leak where the nozzle attached to the hose.  Since it had rained and the car was wet, I simply soaped it up.  Then, as darkness was descending, it was time to rinse it off.  I turned on the water and immediately got a face full of it.  After the initial shock, it struck me as funny, so I continued rinsing the car and myself at the same time.

I understand from a friend in Mt Holly that they received about 4 inches of snow from what was predicted to be a nor’easter on Saturday.  Here in Tyson it started as rain so by the time the snow came, most of it was absorbed.  I don’t even think there was an inch of accumulation.  That wind was the most frightening part of that weather system.  Line crews were out long hours in many places.

Real estate continues to change hands here in town, as noted below:

1) 182 D Upper Round Top Rd    $107,500   Brad and Suzanne Murphy to Ryan Metz

2) 1492 Dublin Rd   $480,000   Robert Maples to Todd Kowalczyk

3)  Route 100 SA1-75 1.02 Acres      $5,500     William Ruddy to Richard Dickinson

4)  228 Great Roaring Brook Rd     $545,000     Alan and Susan Mitchell to Stephen                                   Remsen and Ellen McCray

5) 174 Meadow Hawk Rd    $535,000     Dean Kolbas to Anthony and Sarah Nappa

6) 3110 Route 100 5.53 Acres   $38,000   Ralph, Judith and Jeremy Michael to Martin                                              Higgs and Kathleen White

7) 303 Frog City Rd     $1,150,000     Fletcher Coleman to Eric and Jenifer Perez

8) 363 Salt Ash Rd    $785,000    Robert and Carmen McCloskey to James and Tracy                        Young

9) 583 Route 100   $339,000   Carmen Citro to David and Debra Christiansen

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