Windsor Central Unified District budget report & a poem ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


As I write this on Sunday afternoon, a gentle snow is falling.  I am certainly getting my exercise shoveling this winter!  Thanks to Chris and Donnie for raking and chopping the ice/snow off my roof.  I am about to venture out to see if it is light enough for my leaf blower to handle.  Here’s hoping it will do the trick.

I am glad there are delightful ways to deal with winter.  I enjoyed a walk with Naomi yesterday at Hawk and behind the lake. My grandsons do not have school tomorrow, so I think I will take them snowshoeing – a good way to spend time together and have some fun, too.  I would consider a nap afterward, but I doubt they will agree.

I see that the VT Standard included a comprehensive Windsor Central Unified District budget report last week. It is difficult to keep track of the school information, so it was wonderful to be able to review it. The budget and additional news can be viewed at  Please note that there will be an informational audio/video conferencing meeting at 6:30 on 2/25.  Look under the School Board section for the link.


Here I am at this moment in time

Some days start poorly, but end up sublime

What is the sense of fretting and planning

Eyes open wide, time to start scanning

For things that occur both simple and wise     

  Like smiles and song birds and a vivid sunrise

Picture by Susan Mordecai

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