Town Annual meeting and voting protocol info, prix fixe offerings at Inn at Water’s Edge & Echo Lake Inn~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


It is amazing to see the snow rapidly diminishing with the rain this morning.  Even so, my driveway is so decreased in size, that turning around has become a bit of a challenge.  My wind chimes have been blowing in the breeze and playing lovely music, but I notice the ground has become littered with twigs and branches now.  More wind is predicted tonight, too.

It seems like little creatures are beginning to scamper about.  I have noticed red squirrels and chipmonks scurrying up and down the snow banks.  One fellow managed to get to the outside of my dining room window and was hanging on there peaking in at me.  He still couldn’t reach the bird feeder and finally dropped out of sight.

Neighbors have mentioned seeing fox tracks.  While walking near Hawk the other day, sun was sparkling off the stream where the ice was melting, leaving small islands of snow in the middle.  There were tracks on the banks and also on this snow patch, so it appears that some water creatures have been venturing forth, as well.

It seems that there has been confusion about the Annual meeting and voting protocol this year.  I understand that the Town Report may still be in process of being printed, so I don’t believe it has been mailed yet.  You can go to the Town website, under the Bulletin Board section and find the report there – all 80+ pages of it!  If you scroll to the very end, you will find the School budget information.

Inns/restaurants in town seem to have been doing a brisk business of late.  Take note that the Inn at Water’s Edge (802-269-0920) will be changing their $50/person prix fixe dinners to Thursday.  According to Tom at the Echo Lake Inn, there will be prix fixe offerings there as well.  More on that next time.

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