Spring is here! Collection bins at Grocery stores for recycling items~ Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


The warm temperatures, sun, and wind have diminished the snow to a greater degree than I would have imagined.  Even on our north-facing slope, there are only patches of snow remaining. The hope of spring was not dampened by the dusting of snow on the ground this Monday morning.  I bought some pansies the other day just to lighten my spirit and to note the promise of flowers emerging in the near future.

The brook running under the bottom portion of my driveway is a rushing torrent these days, but that again signals spring.  I just wish these winds would subside.  A neighbor had a tree fall dangerously close to her trailer.  Another neighbor very kindly spent hours cutting it up for her.  That is what we do here in VT – what a great place to live!

I learned something the other day after reading on FPF that there are collection bins at area grocery stores for items such as:  bread bags, plastic wrapping, Amazon packaging – both the mailers and the bubble wraps (big and small), produce bags, plastic grocery bags, Zip-loc bags.  Apparently, Trex uses these items to make their decking material.  Who knew…

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