Quiet time in Plymouth, GreenUp Day info ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission of The Vermont Standard


Not that I was looking forward to the rain on Sunday, but we certainly do need it.  I notice that there is a fire alert because of the combined dryness and gusty wind.  I believe most people will be prudent enough to realize that burning would not be wise!  It looks like rain will be forthcoming during the week, however.

I still a few tiny patches of snow on the north side of my house where it came off the roof.  My supply of black oil sunflower seeds is dwindling, but it is nearly time to replace the feeder with the hummingbird one.  I was watching this morning, trying to see the red bird of yesterday that I wanted to identify, but only chickadees, nuthatches and a titmouse were in evidence.  The house and purple finches have gone elsewhere, so I think perhaps it was a crossbill.

It is rather quiet in our area at this time.  Ludlow seemed nearly deserted on Saturday.  A clerk in Shaws remarked that it was a relief!  Although spring cleaning and lawn care are happening, the Inn at Water’s Edge will not reopen until 5/14 and Echo Lake Inn will begin serving again on 5/21.

Although there will be no formal GreenUp effort in Plymouth this year, you can still get out there and help to beautify our roadways.  The green bags are available at the Town Office.  Able Waste will be accepting them at Fast Trash in Bridgewater free of charge for the next couple of Saturday.

Now, something for which to look forward – Both Coolidge State Park and Camp Plymouth State Park will be opening on 5/28.  Of course, as many of us know, Camp Plymouth has had many people enjoying the grounds all winter!

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