Book Club info, Tyson Church reopening and recent property transfers! ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission of The Vermont Standard


Well, we have received rain that has helped with the extremely dry conditions.  You still need a permit to do any open burning, which is provided by Fire Warden, Joe Rebideau (802-672-5148).  I am glad that I didn’t put all my warmer clothes away because the temperatures have cooled down and the wind has kept things chilly.  As it warms up, the black flies seem to be making an appearance, so be prepared!

Isn’t it exciting to have our COVID case numbers coming down dramatically!  I think I heard that VT has the highest percentage of vaccinations in the country.  Of course, we still need to be prudent and cautious, but it feels like we can breathe again.  Perhaps you are aware of the Covid support offered by calling 2-1-1 or going to  You will find information about counselors, wellness workshops and the crisis text line.

Join the discussion of the book The Chicken Sisters by KJ Dell’Antonia on Wed, 5/12 at 6:30 via Zoom.  It is quite a study of human nature and the many ways they we manage to defeat ourselves. Happy Birthday wishes to Amber Bergey (5/7),  Marcia Bender (5/10), BettyAnn Hayward (5/15), and Julia Baldwin (5/18)

Just to let you know, Tyson Church has just reopened and Worship is still at 10:30 AM on Sundays.  Zoom may still happen in  the near future.

Thanks Elaine for sending this listing of property sales from the beginning of the year:

2064 Lynds Hill Rd.        $385,000            Nick Kewley to Raymond and Alexandra Mattia

Hawk Spur Rd. 1.61 Acres      $8,500        Dian Friedman to Walter and Elizabeth Mills

879 East Ash Rd, Ledges 5       $290,000       Mark & Judith Fleming to Galen and Nicole King

Route 100, Lot D, 9.77 Acres     $44,000     Jeremy Michael to David Spears and Cynthia McCausland

5667 Route 100, 32 Acres       $71,500       Donaldson Acoustics to Brian and Heidi Van Reet

139 Upper Round Top Rd.      $217,500       Federal Nat’l Mortgage Assoc, to Scott and Sherry Jusseaume

790 Chapman Rd.         $625,000     Seymour and Judith Cohen to Kyle Jandreau and Leah Chapman

811 Salt Ash Rd.     $675,000  Tranquility Investments to Daniel and Patricia Bumgardner

Interesting foliage coming out of this tree.  Anyone know what it is?
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