“Shakespeare Alive” performance and upcoming Tag Sale at Community Center ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


This has been such a strange summer weather-wise, but that seems to be the case worldwide these days.  Storms and fires and floods are occurring everywhere.  I didn’t water the gardens today, anticipating more of a downpour this afternoon, but it didn’t amount to much here in Tyson.  I could hear the rumble of thunder not far away, yet it didn’t reach us.
Last Tuesday I spent some time in Echo Lake at the home of friends across from Camp Plymouth.  The rain has kept the water rather chilly, but it does help to beat the escalating humidity.  Looking over at the beach, I was surprised to see so few people there.  It is nice to know that the park will remain open until 9/26 this year, so there is still plenty of time to enjoy it.

Although I was out of town, I understand that the Tyson Ladies Aid Bazaar on the 7th was a great success.  Looking ahead, it seems like the free Bard-based variety show, “Shakespeare Alive” will take place (after a year’s Covid hiatus) in the Union Christian Church at the Historic Site on Saturday, 9/4 at noon.  Mark your calendar for this wonderfully hilarious performance!

Don’t forget to check out the Calvin Coolidge Historic Site with its several buildings and exhibits, but remember that  it is no longer open on Mondays, so plan accordingly.  The historic relevance and the picturesque setting provide a delightful and peaceful place of learning and respite.

I have not received many responses regarding holding a luncheon at the Community Center on Friday, 8/20.  Katherine Pingree has volunteered to help and we will definitely proceed with plans if there is sufficient interest, so let me know!

I hope that you are decluttering and saving unwanted items for the town-wide tag sale at the Community Center on Saturday, 10/9.  There is minimal charge of $5 to set up a table.  Personally, I am excited to bring a carload of stuff that I no longer need or use.

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