Upcoming Route 100 Closure and Information

A Special Posting from Margo about the approaching road work~

“The Plymouth Selectboard attended the meeting hosted by VTRANS and with officials and emergency services providers from Plymouth and neighboring Towns.  The Selectboard  had felt fully informed for the past year about the upcoming work on bridge 114 and 115 on Rt 100, necessitating the road closure. However, the Board was surprised to recently learn that paving and other work was happening to the Rt 100A detour simultaneously.  In fact we had received no official notification and learned only from the information signs posted that this was happening.  We questioned VTRANS officials about this at the meeting as we felt this was extremely poor decision making, as the scheduling of this was absolutely unnecessary.  Vtrans responded that there would be minimal impacts. VTRANS justification was that they were trying to schedule the work within the 2022 fiscal year, however we were dissatisfied with that answer as they have until June 30th of 2022. We pressed them to change the timing and were met with resistance, and again when asked if crews could work at night.   The Selectboard felt the VTRANS was unresponsive to the needs of the Town and believes that they have exercised poor judgement with the continuation of the Rt 100A project simultaneously with the Rt 100 road closure.”  By Jay Kullman for the Select Board

Construction Update Routes VT-100 and VT-100A
The Vermont Agency of Transportation (AOT) is using accelerated construction to improve VT-100 in Plymouth 
and VT-100A, which spans Plymouth and Bridgewater.
TRAFFIC IMPACT: There will be alternating lanes of travel, managed by flaggers. A uniformed traffic officer will be on site to conduct speed enforcement. Please travel with caution. 

CONSTRUCTION ACTIVITIES: Contractor Willey Earthmoving installed temporary work zone signs and erosion prevention and sediment control (EPSC) measures this week.

Erosion and sediment control helps prepare the site for improvements. 

Next week, they plan to place the portable changeable message signs and install the temporary detour signs.

PLANNING AHEAD: AOT is replacing Culverts 114 and 115 and improving the roadway and Reservoir Brook channel on VT-100. During this initial phase, VT-100 remains open. However, the next phase requires a detour on VT-100, as illustrated below. The detour is anticipated from August 30 through September 26.

We will finalize and communicate the dates two weeks prior.

For more information, view the flyer below. 

LOCATION: VT-100 in Plymouth from the intersection of VT-100A and Route 4 


Detour and projects map  

VT-100A TRAFFIC IMPACT: There will be alternating lanes of travel during weekday construction on VT-100A (6:30 am until 5:30 pm). Travel will be managed by the Automated Flagger Assistance Devices, as shown in the photo below. Stop on red, go on flashing yellow, and mind the gate! Construction is allowed on Bennington Battle Day (Monday, August 16). Please travel with caution. 

CONSTRUCTION ACTIVITIES: Contractor Pike Industries will continue the berm removal and ditching work from this week. They will improve the guardrail, scheduled to begin on August 19. 

PLANNING AHEAD: Once VT-100 is closed to through traffic (see above), VT-100A is the dedicated detour route. 

LOCATION: VT-100A between VT-100 and Route 4, connecting Plymouth and Bridgewater. 


Contact Information
Hannah Brockhaus
Public Information Consultant
802-673-1264 | hbrockhaus@fhistudio.com
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  1. Lee Kafer says:

    And why just before Labor Day weekend? A week delay would cause what problem?

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