Book Club meeting, Public Radio Host Linda Radtke performance and upcoming Community wide Tag Sale ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


Changeable weather is upon us.  I didn’t water today (Sunday), expecting rain, but so far it has not arrived!  I found it amusing at church today that those of us from Plymouth arrived for the outdoor gathering in sweaters; whereas those in Bridgewater wore t-shirts.  It really looked like it was about to pour as the wind picked up when I left home, but the sun was shining brightly just 12 miles away.

The other day I heard a loud bang at my dining room window.  It was so loud that I rushed to see if an injured bird was lying on the ground, but I did not see one.  When I walked down my driveway later in the day, I spotted what I believe was a junco.  It allowed me to get very close, then flew a few inches off the ground for a short distance before nose-diving into the grass.  This happened again and again.  Eventually it wandered into the ferns, but how sad if it was the one that hit my window…

Join the book group at the Community Center on Wednesday, 9/15 at 6:30 PM to discuss Confident Women — Swindlers, Grifters, and Shapeshifters of the Female Persuasion by Tori Telfer.  It is a collection of short stories about outrageous female con artists throughout the ages.  Many were quite persuasive and the number of people they fooled rather amazing.  Masks are recommended!  

On Saturday 9/18 at 1:30 PM, Public Radio Host Linda Radtke will perform “From the Parlor to the Polling Place: Stories and Songs from the Suffragists.” at the Union Christian Church. She will be  accompanied by pianist Cameron Steinmetz and will be dramatizing the efforts of Vermonters from 1840-1921, who lobbied for total enfranchisement.  This program should be quite entertaining.

Don’t forget that the Plymouth Community Center will be hosting it’s town wide Tag Sale over Columbus Day weekend! The Tag sale will be held from 9 AM until 6 PM, Sunday October 10th. Come sell your treasures and possibly find a few new ones to take home.  To reserve a table space and learn more contact Lauren Skaskiw at 802-417-6895. 

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