Bethany Birches Live Auction & upcoming Town wide Tag Sale at Community Center ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


What a delightful weekend weather-wise.  I hope that everyone was able to be outdoors to enjoy it.  The leaves seem to be coming down quickly now despite the fact we have not had a frost yet.  Don’t forget that Camp Plymouth State Park will be closing for the season on 9/26, so get over there, greet Chris and Tiffany and enjoy our wonderful fall weather in this beautiful place.

Although the on-line bidding is already in process, consider attending the Bethany Birches Live Auction Saturday, 9/25. The preview is at 9:00 while the auction itself begins at 10AM.  Enjoy treats and warm beverages, then a delicious lunch.  You can check out the item calendar at

The town-wide Tag Sale is coming!  The hours are from 9 AM until 6 PM on 10/10 – Sunday of Columbus Weekend at the Community Center.  Reserve table/space by contacting Lauren Skaskiw at 802-417-6895.  Items need to be tagged with your three initials and price, then securely attached so that those checking them out can give proper credit.  

The $5 fee will be subtracted from your earnings. You can sign up for a 3 hour time slot to help as cashier. Items can be brought over on Wednesday 10/6 from 4-6 PM or Saturday, 10/9 between 10 AM and 1 PM. Unsold items can be collected on Monday, 11/11 3-5 PM or Thursday, 10/14th, 4-6 PM.  Otherwise they will be offered to Bridgewater Sustainable Earth Foundation the week of October 18th.  Anything they do not want will be disposed of through the Plymouth Transfer Station by October 22nd. 

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